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Halle Berry Teases Instagram Fans With Favorite Yoga Pose



Oscar winner Halle Berry demonstrated her ‘favorite yoga pose’ – the shoulder stand – while clad in only a thong leotard for week eight of her new social media series, #FitnessFriday.

‘It stretches my lower spine and legs. I feel 2 inches taller after this stretch!’ the evergreen 51-year-old announced to her combined 3.2M followers.

‘Some people use yoga poses to manage stress, increase circulation, for medication, recovery, better sleep, and mobility just to name a few.’ 


‘After I work out, it’s important for me to stretch and lengthen. Fitness is not just about running, lifting, and punching.

‘For me, being athletic and super fit is also about being still, stretching, and breathing. Including stretching in my fitness program helps my muscles stay long, limber, improves my mobility and range of motion and, most importantly, helps me avoid injuries.’

The A-List hollywood actor, Born Halle Maria Berry also shared footage of distractingly handsome trainer Peter Lee Thomas – her ‘secret weapon’ who ‘changed her life’ – as well as her daily #keto meal.

‘Besides being an all around wonderful human, he’s a trainer, martial artist, fellow actor, and nutrition specialist!’ Berry gushed in January.

‘With his help, I have learned so much about fitness and nutrition and I’m excited to share it with all of you. He’s taught me boxing, self defense, and much more.’

The Drop the Mic champ has been single since ending her three-month fling with British beau Alex da Kid in December.


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