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Having Sex In One’s Car Isn’t A Crime – Police Tells Nigerians



The Nigeria Police Force says it is not a crime to have sex in one’s car. It, however, says it can be considered a crime if one has sex with an underage ; the car is parked in a religious institution when the act takes place , or both persons engaged in the sexual activities are of the same gender .

The police, therefore, asked that anybody who had been harassed for having sex in a car, should report the incident immediately.

The Head , Police Public Complaints, Rapid Response Unit , Mr Abayomi Shogunle, stated these while responding to a question on Twitter. Controversy had been raging on the social media following an incident that occurred last week wherein a couple was harassed by a mob for having sex in a car.

Responding to a question, Shogunle said ,

“No. Sex in a car in a public place is not a crime in Nigeria provided the the location is not a place of worship; both persons are 18 years and above; the act is consensual (agreed to by both parties ); and the parties are of the opposite sex. If threatened with an arrest over the above , please report to the police .”

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