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I Am Not A Fan Of Peter Obi, But Obi Might Win If The Youths Vote Massively -Ferdinand Ottoh



Dr Ferdinand Ottoh, a lecturer, Department of Political Science, University of Lagos, has revealed in an exclusive interview with The Sun Nigeria that the presidential candidate of the Labour Party, Peter Obi, might be the next president of Nigeria because of the OBIdient movement which has awakened the Nigerian voting populace. Ferdinand Ottoh while fielding question asked if the OBIdient Movement could be a sign of a revolution waiting to explode in Nigeria, said, “I am not a fan of Peter Obi, but Obi might win if Nigerian youths vote massively.”

Continuing speaking, Ferdinand Ottoh revealed that the only way Peter Obi might not become the next president of Nigeria is if the Nigerian youths fail to translate their movements into electoral votes. Speaking further, Ottoh noted that there will be a turn of events and there will be a new history in Nigeria’s political evolution if Peter Obi wins the presidential election.

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