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“I don’t want to be here no more” – Bow Wow Keeps Posting Suicidal Messages



Bow Wow appears to be in a negative mindset during a string of frightening tweets.

Earlier last month, Bow Wow let off a few tweets among his regular promotion that seemed to call for help.

At the time, many of his fans were caught off guard and offered positive vibes to the entertainer and rapper, letting him know that whatever he was going through would improve.

While last month’s posts were slightly cryptic, Bow went on a string of graphic tweets this morning, startling many and saying that he fully does not want to “be here” anymore.

Using his social media platform, Shad Moss tweeted,


“Feel like jumping off this balcony.”

Many of his supporters rushed to comfort him in hopes that he does not make any drastic decisions. In his replies to two fans, Bow Wow wrote,


“Im sorry but i truly dont want to be here no more!” before revealing “No im not gone do nothing. It was just a figure of speech. I woke up to bad news.”

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