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I have always fought for Peter Obi for 1 reason – Naja’atu



The Former Director, Civil Society, APC Presidential council, Naja’atu Bala-Mohammed, ahead of the 2023 presidential election, said that she has always fought for Peter Obi for one reason.

Naja’atu disclosed this in an interview with the AIT during the Kakaaki program and was talking about why she chose Atiku Abubakar above the other 3 leading presidential candidates.

Naja’atu began by saying that she can’t waste her time in the APC and so he tried to seat with the 3 other presidential candidates.

“With Mr. Peter Obi, we kept missing each other, I had spoken to him through my mentor in Lagos but we kept missing each other for one reason or the other and time was in the essence.

“I have always fought for Peter Obi for one reason, you should not crucify a person because of his tribe. You don’t choose your tribe you don’t even choose your parent, so don’t crucify him because of the tribe, it is only what God had given him just as what God has given me.”

Naja’atu explained that because of time, she and Peter Obi had not had time to meet and discuss.

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