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Ibom Conference Is Set To Hold 26 June #IbomCORNference2021



Considering agriculture as an essential driver of economic development and an area of great opportunities for young people, Influencers Mess, a social hub for online entrepreneurs, in partnership with Nature Udoh Group has officially announced Ibom CORNference 2021.

Influencers Mess is an offline social network for influencers, bloggers, photojournalists, Vloggers, content creators, and media enthusiasts.

The event which has as its theme “Inspiring Agro-CORNcern Among Akwa Ibom Youths” is organized to harness and showcase opportunities in agribusiness, agro-entrepreneurship, and innovation.

Scheduled to hold on Saturday, June 26, 2021, from 4 pm to 6 pm at Discovery Park, Uyo, will catch in on the corn-eating trend on social media, to present before Akwa Ibom youths the opportunities in agriculture and how they can tap into them to earn a decent living.

On display will be boiled, roasted, and fried corn for the eating pleasure of attendees as series of speakers and VIPs are expected to grace the occasion.

Personalities who have developed innovative and sustainable solutions that have led to social, environmental, and economic benefits in the agriculture and agro-industry sectors in Akwa Ibom will be honored.

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