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If All The Money We Borrowed Were Used The Way Tafawa Balewa Did, Nigeria Would Have Been Heaven–Obi



Former Anambra State governor and Labour Party presidential candidate Peter Obi lauded late Tafawa Balewa for utilizing money he borrowed from the World Bank to construct the Kanji Dam, which Nigeria is now benefiting from.

He bemoans the fact that if the present government has done the same thing just like Tafawa Balewa had used all the money he had borrowed, the nation would currently be a paradise.

In a speech delivered Thursday at the hockey pitch of the Abubakar Tafawa Bewa Stadium in Bauchi, Obi made this assertion.

The presidential candidate addressed the crowd, stating that Tafawa Balewa requested $82 million from the World Bank on June 19, 1974, in order to build the Kainji Dam, which would have provided electricity. Despite being built to produce 750 megawatts, the Kainji Dam is still standing today. If we had utilized all of the borrowed funds in the same manner as Tafawa Balewa did, Nigeria would currently be a paradise.

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