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Jake Doe Discusses Intent On New Genre Bending Afro-pop Single



WANTON SPACES, the first single off Jake Doe’s delectable upcoming project “Terms and Conditions II” is set for release on 20 November, 2020.

A double dose of soothing Afrobeats and the rhythmic flow of Funk, WANTON SPACES rides on a groovy melody and the exciting use of organ solos, virtuosic bass lines and fire guitar riffs.

WANTON SPACES is a musical triumph for the genre- bending Jake Doe, as he masterfully combines two distinct tracks into one single. He employs this technique for what may be the first time in the Nigerian Market to explore the concepts of WANT and SPACES.

On both tracks, Jake navigates his way through murky relationship waters. On WANT, which features the hottest rapper on the Nigerian Hiphop scene at the moment
(@realDreylo), Jake promises his all if his love interest is honest about her desires. He lays it all out saying, “if you
want my love, I’d give you everything times two”.

On SPACES, the singer broaches the subject of emotional abuse with a firm resolve to distance himself mentally and physically from toxicity—“Don’t even hang around, I don’t need you; get lost! Yes, I need my space, don’t wanna see you”.

The single features production from Midebeatz and ace- producer CARTO (@Cartomadeit) and bodes a thrilling welcome for the new project. “Terms and Conditions
II” ( DO NOT APPLY) will be out on streaming platforms in December.


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