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Jamie Vardy’s Wife Gets Another Boob Job Despite Regretting Her First Surgery



Eight years ago, she underwent S breast implant procedure – which she has recently admitted to regretting.

Yet Rebekah Vardy has now gone under the knife for another boob job, in preparation for WAG duties at the FIFA 2018 World Cup in Russia this summer.

The 36-year-old wife of England striker Jamie, 31, has undergone surgery for E cup breasts, insisting that the decision was nothing to do with her husband.

‘Jamie loves my boobs, he’s happy that I’m happy, but he thought they looked great before,’ she told The Sun.

Yet she has also declared that she wish she’d ‘never messed with’ them in the first time, on a recent appearance on Loose Women.

‘I wish that I’d never messed with my boobs in the first place, but my self-esteem was so low and I just did it to try and boost my confidence,’ she said.

‘I was getting worried as mine felt like they were moving and it turns out that I did have problems with one of them.

‘It had partially ruptured and when the surgeon took them out they were really yellow.’

Becky’s new procedure has involved smaller incisions under each breast, leaving scars that are designed to fade.

In addition, she has had work done to remove old scarring and ‘fix the rippling caused by the old implants’.

She added: ‘I love them because they don’t look stuck on or fake. I’ve not had any pain really, I just can’t wait to get into a better fitting bikini this summer.’

MailOnline has approached Becky for comment.

It was all about getting into pajamas when she was out at OK! magazine’s 25th anniversary party this week.

After the raucous evening out, the mother-of-four was seen in the back of her taxi having changed out of her glam dress and instead sporting nightwear.

She was also caught FaceTiming with her husband Jamie, letting him know she was on her way home.

Keeping comfort key in her cosy sleepwear, the TV personality looked happy and relaxed as she headed home with a goodie bag in tow while treating herself to a late night snack.

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