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Jessica Alba To Join Gabrielle Union In ‘Bad Boys’ TV Spinoff



A few months ago, we learned that a series adaptation of Bad Boys was in the works. This time, instead of centering around Will Smith and Martin Lawrence, the plot will be refocused on Sydney Burnett, played by Gabrielle Union in the original 2003 movie. Today, the cast has rounded out a little with the news that Jessica Alba is also set to star.



Written for NBC by Brandon Margolis and Brandon Sonnier, the pilot will concentrate on ex-DEA agent Sydney Burnett (Union), who decides to join the LAPD as a detective. Jessica Alba will be playing her new partner Nancy McKenna, a detective who “joined the Army out of high school and spent most of the 2000s in Iraq and Afghanistan”.

The two women are described as at the “top of their fields”, but have very different approaches to their profession, making way for that mis-matched cop-based comedy we enjoyed in the movie. With a solid history of physically demanding movies, such as Sin City 2 or Machete Kills, it’s no surprise to see Alba take on this type of role.

She’ll also be acting as executive producer on the series alongside original producer Jerry Bruckheimer. If the show gets picked up, this would be her first regular TV appearance since Dark Angel. Fingers crossed.

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