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John Fashanu Arrested And Thrown Into Cell In Abuja



John Fashanu has reportedly been locked up in a cell crammed full of lags in Nigeria.

John Fashanu Arrested and Thrown Into Cell In Abuja

John Fashanu Arrested and Thrown Into Cell In Abuja

The ex-England and Aston Villa star was held over claims he was involved in a scam to flog land that wasn’t for sale Cops arrested the ex-Wimbledon striker on suspicion of “criminal conspiracy” in Nigeria on July 17

I’m a Celebrity star Fashanu had allegedly been handed £23,000 as a “fixer” for the sale of “forgotten lands” which were not actually on the market, a source told the Mirror.

Fashanu was reportedly arrested in his home in Sun City Estate, Abuja and thrown into a police cell with 200 other men.

The 54-year-old is said to have been bailed the following day and released on July 19.

He denies wrongdoing and has agreed to repay money owed, according to the Mirror.

Fashanu was part of the 1988 FA Cup winning team for Wimbledon during a career spanning 17 years.

His brother Justin committed suicide in 1998 after becoming the first professional footballer to come out as gay.

Fashanu’s PR manager told Daily Star Online: “There has been a deal in which there was a dispute

“Police were involved. [The other party] has been a colleague of John’s for some time.”

The spokesman added the matter has been resolved and Fashanu has not been charged with a criminal offence.

Fashanu’s barrister Hyp Egbune told the Mirror he has repaid two instalments of the money owed.

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