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Jose Mourinho Was Furious After Rival Manager Mimicked His Celebration



Mourinho cut a dejected face on Thursday night after a rival manager copied his celebration during the Europa League.

Roma locked horns with RB Salzburg in the first leg of their play-off fixture staged at the RB Arena Salzburg.

The tie ended in a heartbreaking defeat for the Serie A giants as they were silenced 1-0 by the hosts.

Roma were the dominant side for the better part of the match, they had nothing to show for it after the full-time whistle.



After Capaldo’s dramatic winn, the match was punctuated with a confusing moment involvin Mourinho and his opposite, Matthias Jaissle

Jaissle left Mourinho enraged after he appeared to copy the Roma boss’s celebration after Capaldo’s goal.

The Salzburg manager was pictured charging down the touchline to join in the fun.

Jaissle’s celebration was a replica of Mourinho’s when he was Porto boss.

The former Premier League manager famously charged along the Old Trafford pitch when Porto scored a last minute winner against Manchester United in the Champions League.

Mourinho will be hoping to lead his side to victory in the second leg for a chance to qualify for the next round.

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