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JP Morgan Interested In Serie A



The US investment bank JP Morgan have written to Serie A to express an interest in supporting the league’s media business.  

JP Morgan are wanting to invest in Italian football and all 20 clubs competing in the league have been informed of their interest.  

Interest in broadcasting opportunities for Serie A will be popular as the league prepares to sell its domestic and international licences for the seasons that take place after 2024.

Italian Serie A


According to Reuters, JP Morgan is expected to provide between €700m-€1billion in bank financing, with Serie A looking at the best possible solution to extract more money from its media rights.  

Media rights in Serie A contribute to half of the revenues of its teams and the league’s organisation is now looking for opportunities to expand its global appeal.  

Unlike the Premier League, Serie A lags behind England’s top-flight regarding income made from broadcasting opportunities. 

In 2021, JP Morgan supported the teams looking to introduce the European Super League, which collapsed due to protests from supporters and politicians across Europe.  

Serie A matches are still accessible across the globe. In 2021, BT bought broadcasting rights to stream Italian league games until 2023-24. American viewers are able to access matches through CBS, who acquired the league’s broadcast rights from ESPN in 2021 in a reported three-year deal worth $75 million per season. 

Napoli are currently 12 points clear ahead of AC Milan at the top of the Serie A table. 

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