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Justin Bieber’s N*De Photos Posted On Selena Gomez’s Instagram



Cast your mind back to 2015 when there was no threat of nuclear war and the most you had to worry about was avoiding Justin Bieber’s penis online. What a time to be alive.

Justin Bieber‘s nude photos have found their way back to social media again, this time they were leaked on Selena Gomez’ Instagram account.

According to Variety, Selena’s Instagram, which is the most-followed Instagram account, was hacked by unknownpersons who proceeded to post a collage of Bieber’s penis, and then to wipe clean Selena’s post history.

Instagram swung into action immediately her 125 million followers raised alarm, the offensive photo was eventually deleted and everything is back to normal.

But the hack has raised questions: why Selena’s account?

Recall that the duo were an item from 2010 before they eventually broke up. Bieber dropped a song in his bid to win the female singer back, but it all failed and eventually, he moved on to date other people, including Lionel Richie’s daughter.

Selena Gomez found love in The Weeknd’s hands, and they have since been a power couple. Hence why it was surprising that vindictive hackers would choose to taint her Instagram with the 2015 penis photo of Bieber, which was first leaked by the media in 2015, during his Bora Bora vacation.

Well, Selena has taken back her account, and hopefully, Bieber’s dick won’t come swinging again.


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