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Kanye West Has More Than Words For Tristan Thompson Over Cheating Scandal



Kanye has decided to play ball with the sister’s unified stance against outed-cheater Tristan Thompson. According to a report by Radar Online, Kanye was dead set furious when he first heard about the scandal.

Insiders claim that Kanye, who is at least a foot shorter than Thompson, even threatened to pummel the Cleveland Cavaliers center.

Apparently his wife Kim is adamant about not speaking with Tristan, and is willing to cover the distance to prove her point. Rob Kardashian has also uttered vague threats in Tristan Thompson’s direction, insisting he would “be sorry” if he ever “hurt” his sister again.

He even went as far as to delay his flight to Cleveland in order to alleviate his temper.

Tough talk aside, it’s fair to address the culprit in this situation, but the couple have had little time to engage in a meaningful discussion.

With all this naysayers in her ear, it looks as if Khloe will have an unpopular decision to make. Kanye’s alleged threats conjure up images of David battling Goliath.

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