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Kevin McCall: Singer Disowns Daughter Amid Feud with Eva Marcille



In one of the more sad stories of the day, R&B singer and producer Kevin McCall took to social media today to disown his daughter Marley Rae amid an ongoing argument with her mother, model Eva Marcille.

Kevin McCall previously targeted Eva in an Instagram post where she announced that she is expecting a baby with former Atlanta mayoral candidate and attorney, Michael Sterling.

McCall appeared to be frustrated after the model posted a picture of Sterling playing with their daughter, Marley Rae. He went so far as to call Eva several profanities while also threatening to fight Michael Sterling.

Today, McCall took it a step further by disowning his three-year-old daughter. “If you want her so bad you can have her. I am deleting all memories of her. I’m not about to play anymore games or participate in society’s joke Of a child care program. Me and (my other daughter) Are straight, she will just get double now and f*** whoever got a problem with it Your opinion ain’t never got me anything this is what it is now.. @EvaMarcille you’re dead to me.”



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