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Kiki Mordi’s Sex For Grades Documentary Get Emmy Nomination



Last year, Journalist Kiki Mordi and the team at BBC Africa Eye started a conversation about the culture of sexual harassment that pervades Nigerian and Ghanaian tertiary institutions. Focusing on the Universities of Lagos and Ghana as its sample, they deployed undercover methods in documenting this sad but ever-relevant story. The success and reach of the documentary led the National Assembly to re-introduce an anti-sexual harassment bill that could be channeled in providing recourse for victims. Mordi’s profile has also received a boost.

The latest boost comes with the news that the documentary has been nominated in the News & Current Affairs category of the 2020 International Emmy Awards.

The 8 nominees span five other countries: Brazil, Qatar, Russia, Sweden, and the United Kingdom. In a statement from Bruce L. Paisner, President & CEO of the International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, a message on their website reads In the midst of the pandemic, we are grateful for news organizations like these who even before the pandemic were boldly exploring the issues in their societies. We salute the outstanding work and great courage of our nominees for reporting on difficult and sensitive matters, despite the many challenges and obstacles continuously thrown at them.

This marks the second consecutive year in which the BBC team is finding success for its Nigerian content after last year’s nomination for Nigeria’s first Emmy via its Sweet Sweet Codeine documentary.

The International Emmy winners will be recognized alongside their American news peers during an online ceremony on September 21st.

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