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Kwara 2019: Who Is Afraid Of Moshood Mustapha?



It started with using fake names, now the hack writers against Hon. Moshood Mustapha popularly known as MM have become shamelessly nameless. It is not surprising; MM is the leading gubernatorial aspirant in kwara state; he is presently at home in APC and courted by the opposition parties. He is therefore, a prime target for politically-motivated media attacks.


Their latest dirty job is painting a picture of Moshood Mustapha as a betrayer vis-a-vis his relationship with his Leader and Senate President, Sen. Abubakar Bukola Saraki. Does the writer really know the dictionary meaning of betrayal? Those Who dont know the depth and context of their relationship can only fabricate stories around It.

Moshood Mustapha has been an ally of the Senate President since 2002. Senator Bukola Saraki has found him dependable that for over 17 years, they have worked closely together. Even after MM resigned as Commissioner for Agriculture in 2005 for pure political reasons known to many within the close circle, the then Gov. Saraki, during his second term election made him the Deputy Director General of his campaign organisation in 2007 and subsequently as Amir Hajj for Kwara in 2008. He later appointed him Special Adviser on Special Duties in 2009 (a position u give to only loyal, trusted and capable person) and was specially created because of MM. He discharged his duties diligently .

Due to his track record of Service, Hon. Moshood Mustapha was nominated and elected in 2011 as Member of the Federal House of Representatives for Asa/ Ilorin West Federal Constituency. That was a test of his loyalty, competency and popularity.

In 2015,MM, despite his huge sacrifice in joining the leadership in 2014 to defect as an elected Federal legislator from PDP to APC, was denied a return ticket to the National Assembly. MM accepted the decision and campaigned vigorously for the victory of APC under the leadership of Dr. Saraki.

Why all the sponsored negative stories against MM now? Is it an offence for exercising his constitutional right to run for the Office of Governor of kwara state ?

Haba! Only depraved minds will criminalize expressing a political ambition! I am apolitical but with keen interest in the development of my state. I have no problem with any party provided they all practice internal democracy and ready to deliver dividends to the poor masses.

If the hack writers were not up for mischief they would have reported that before MM started his Consultation in 2016 on the governorship Project. He made it open and took it serious as against others waiting to be anointed. Is SP not aware of his ambition since 2016 and still kept him as his Special Adviser on Special Duties up till date? Why are the hack writers now being more Catholic than the Pope?
Why is it a crime for an ally to contest for election? Why are these hack Writers crying more than the berieved ?

Kwara needs politics of Policy engagement, not reputation smearing. We need to expand the democratic space.

The salacious story about imaginary debt on Campaign vehicles and illicit activities in office, are the figments of the imagination of the hack writers. If you have any proof I implore you to make them open . We are waiting to see!

Before he joined politics, MM was a successful businessman; he has remained one with visible investments in kwara, the State he legitimately desires to serve at the highest Level.

It is apparent that Saraki has no hand in these scurrilous media attacks but those who are using his name to destroy the reputation of his allies are enemies of the Leadership. What they are doing is the opposite of SP’s national narratives on political impunity, power corruption and upholding of democratic practices.
What is Good for the goose is good for the gander. Let democracy flourish.

Hon. Moshood Mustapha is in the race and he is in the race for good; to serve the good People of kwara State. No sponsored propaganda will derail this divine project by God’s Grace.

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