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Ladies, Here’s A Quick Tip On How To Shoot Your Shot On Social Media



So, you’ve been single for a while and you are tired of being single and lonely. All the hookups you have gone for did not yield any fruit. You have even gone for singles get together in your church, but you haven’t gotten what you want. Brother John is not interested in you, Brother Peter too and you really don’t know what to do. Calm down, we are here to teach you how to shoot your shot on social media because we are sure you’ve not tried social media.

Shooting your shot on social media is different from shooting your shot outside social media. To shoot your shot on social media, you must know the kind of guy you want. Do you want an IT guy? A media guy? A medical guy? A banker? You have to know what you want first.

The next step is to check your contact list on social media to see if any of your contacts fall into that category. You might be lucky, a contact of yours that you have ignored for so long might fall into that category. Calm down and breathe. When you do this, you have to send a message to the guy immediately as humble as you can be. “Hi, how are you doing? I’m sorry I ignored your chat for so long. I was just doing some cleaning up on my timeline and I saw your message. I didn’t intentionally ignore you”.

Now, wait for the guy to reply. Look at his profile and see what he likes and like them too. We are not saying you should pretend o. For instance, the guy is an IT guy and you love IT guys for reasons best known to you. If you find this cute IT guy on your contact list and you want to shoot your shot, here’s the message that will do the magic “Hi, my name is Biola. Funny that we’ve been Facebook friends for a while and we’ve never chatted. Anyway, i noticed you are an IT guy and I’m fascinated by IT guys. What computer languages do you know?” If you shoot your shot hard like this, why won’t the guy fall for you? Oh, you think it is by sending “Hy” that you will find the man? Open your eyes, this is 2018, you have to be wise and sharp o jare.

If you try all these methods and it doesn’t work, we are in our office, come and beat us.


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