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Lionel Messi Once Scared His Soon-To-Be Team-Mate Off Freekick Duty With A Few Words



Paulinho has revealed what Lionel Messi said to put him off taking a free-kick in a Brazil vs Argentina game.

The clash took place a month before the midfielder sealed his €40million move from China side Guangzhou Evergrande to the Nou Camp – and the five-time Ballon d’Or winner used the speculation to his advantage.

During the friendly at the Melbourne Cricket Ground, Brazil earned themselves a dangerous looking set-piece.

Spotting Paulinho preparing to take the free-kick, Messi sidled up to his future team-mate and uttered seven simple words.

“I was preparing to take a free-kick with Willian and another player I do not remember,” the Brazilian told El Periodico .

“Suddenly, I see Messi from behind, who is approaching me little by little and says: ‘Are you going to Barcelona or not?’. He told me right before I was about to take the free-kick.

“What did I tell him? ‘If you want to take me, you can take me. I am going’.

“I was so nervous that I said to Willian, ‘You’re taking the free-kick!’.”

The cheeky trick clearly had the desired impact as Argentina went on to win the clash 1-0 thanks to a Gabriel Mercado goal.


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