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Lonzo Ball & Girlfriend Denise Garcia Welcome Their 1st Child, A Baby Girl



Lakers player Lonzo Ball is a pro on the basketball court, but he’s got an even bigger responsibility on his plate now — he and his girlfriend, Denise Garcia, are officially PARENTS. Get all the deets on this exciting news here!

We bet nothing feels better than shooting the game-winning three pointers Lonzo Ball, 20, is known for — well, except for becoming a father, of course! That’s right, the pro basketball player and his girlfriend Denise Garcia, 22, just welcomed a baby girl into the world and we couldn’t be happier for the two of them. Zoey Christina Ball was born on July 22, according to TMZ. After Lonzo denied Denise was expecting in February, only to confirm that she was having a girl in April, the couple have been keeping us on our toes all pregnancy long. But now we can finally relax because their little one is here!

A family rep confirmed Zoey’s birthdate to TMZ, telling the publication that they baby girl is “happy and healthy as can be.” Congratulations! Baby Zoey arrived just in time. With LeBron James joining Lonzo on the Los Angeles Lakers, Zoey can join her mommy in cheering on the Lakers. They definitely make onesies in LA yellow-and-purple, right? Of course they do! Now, someone better get LaVar Ball a cigar, because he’s a new grandfather!

After their big April pregnancy reveal, Lonzo and Denise also announced their newborn’s name on their Facebook show, Ball in the Family. It’s Zoey — what do you think? We’re big fans, especially since the little one’s moniker seems to be paying homage to her dad, whose nickname is “Zo.” Aw! And on top of that, her name is also super special for another reason. It’s a Greek word that means life! Considering Denise and Lonzo are welcoming new life into the world for the very first time, Zoey is the perfect fit. Great choice, guys!

We have no idea what’s going to happen for the Lakers next season — although having LeBron James on the team sure isn’t going to hurt — but no matter how many points they get on the board, Lonzo is always going to walk out a winner. He’s got a beautiful girlfriend and a beautiful baby girl to match. Congratulations to the growing family!

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