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Maijaama Campaign Leader Alhaji Shaaba Abubakar Debunks Claims Of Kudu Muhamed Over Bukola Saraki



Director General Of The Maijaama Campaign Organization In Ilorin Has Debunked The Claims Of Kudu Muhammed Over Senate President Dr Bukola Saraki.

In The Press Release Made by The Organization on January 4th 2019


It read;


Kudu Muhammed, Wake Up From Your Slumber, Dr Bukola Saraki Holds Our Emirs In High Esteem-Maijaama Campaign Organization

We read with dismay the press release credited to the Director General of the Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq Campaign Organization (AACO), Kwara North Senatorial District, Alhaji Muhammad Kudu , where he made failed attempt to pitch our political leader,

President of the Senate, Dr Bukola Saraki against the highly revered traditional rulers in the Kwara North senatorial district by making attempt to insinuate that the choice of venue for the interactive meeting with the traditional rulers during Dr Bukola Saraki’s recent tour of the Kwara North was a sign of disrespect or being impolite.

We would have ordinarily ignored the said nonsensical statement and consider it as one spewed by an uninformed person but we owe members of the public the duty of being saved from innocently believing the wrong impression created by Kudu and his cohorts. It is on record that our party, our leaders, particularly, Dr Bukola Saraki believe that the traditional institution must be held in high reverence and accorded the deserved respect. His tenure as Kwara state governor witnessed the provision of limousine cars for the first class Emirs and Obas while a guest house that is exclusively reserved for the use of the traditional rulers that are residents outside the state capital was also built.

As students of history, we will not forget in a hurry the incident recorded in 1984 when the Emir of Kano and the Ooni of Ife had bitter experiences under a government headed by a certain former military Head of State. Setting the record straight, Saraki as the state PDP leader in showing respect to the traditional rulers and the other stakeholders felt it would be improper to wait until the campaign period before visiting the top figures, thus, the decision to embark on tour of the three senatorial districts in the state, it was also designed to be a Thank You visit for their support and co-operation. Making a capital out of the issue of location for the interactive meeting /visit was in the real sense great disrespect to our revered traditional rulers. It may obviously be beyond the comprehension of Mohammed Kudu and his pay masters that it was a consultation tour and that the choice of venue must have been suggested by the Emirs who have, over the years, been supportive fathers to Dr Bukola Saraki .

It is also instructive to remind Kudu that allowing the intention to play politics with an issue to becloud his sense of reasoning stands as great disservice to the people of the state. Inspite of combining his duties as the Director General of the Presidential Campaign Council for the PDP Presidential candidate, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar with that of being the Chairman, National Assembly, Saraki out of respect for our traditional rulers and the stakeholders and in recognition of the fact that Kwara remains his home and political base , spared time to visit all the major towns and they were all road trips. He used the opportunity to hold talks with the Emirs/Obas and the other stakeholders.

Dr Bukola Saraki holds the traditional rulers in the state and other parts of the country in high esteem, the hour has come for Kudu and his co-conspirators to wake up from their slumber and realize that the more they attempt to taint Dr Bukola Saraki, the more the people recognize their sheer folly. We advise Kudu and others who are already labeled as mischief makers to please not involve our respected royal fathers in their political shenanigans.


Alhaji Shaaba Abubakar

Director General

Maijaama Campaign Organization

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