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Manchester City’s Benjamin Mendy Handed One-Year Driving Ban



Manchester City’s French Left back and 2018 Worldcup winner Benjamin Mendy has been handing a one-year driving ban.

The Defender was called by the task enforcement agents and he failed to state who the driver of his Mercedes was after it was caught speeding on four occasions in less than two weeks

Mendy denied being the driver of the said vehicle at the pertinent points in time but was convicted on four charges of failing to provide information. He was ordered to pay a £2,500 fine accompanied by £185 in costs.

“We are dealing with four offences here, two on the same day, and it’s a serious matter,” Magistrate chair Michael Blackhurst declared. “They have been completely ignored and I think it is discourteous that he is not here so we can talk to him about it.”

Gwyn Lewis, Mendy’s lawyer, asked to accept the disqualification on the player’s behalf.

”I deem him present by my presence,” the solicitor said.

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