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Manchester City’s Striker Erling Haaland Under Police Investigation For Potential Driving Offence




Manchester City’s Number 9, Erling Haaland is now being probed by the police after appearing to use his mobile phone while driving which is a driving offence.

The 22-year-old Norwegian striker appeared to be using his mobile device while driving a £300,000 Rolls Royce. The incident occurred in New Islington, an area of Manchester which is close to the Etihad. He was pictured driving the same car later that day.

He was reportedly pictured using his phone while driving on Wednesday, March 15, the day after he scored five goals in City’s 7-0 victory against Champions League rivals RB Leipzig. Footage of the incident only emerged on Monday night.

The Greater Manchester Police has now confirmed he’s being investigated. A spokesperson said, “I can confirm that GMP is aware of the image and is investigating.”


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