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Manchester United Named Most Valuable Team Ahead of Real Madrid



Forbes has named Manchester United as the most valuable team brand in the world.

The Premier League club is rated as the fourth most valuable team brand across all sports behind the Dallas Cowboys, New York Yankees and Los Angeles Lakers.

However, they top the chart when it comes to football clubs, with Barcelona second and Real Madrid third.

United have a brand value of £425million, a rise of 12.8%.

Real’s Cristiano Ronaldo’s brand value has risen by a massive 13.2% to a massive £16million, but Messi has seen his brand value drop by 10% to £10million.

However, Ronaldo is only fourth in terms of athletes brand value. Roger Federer tops the charts after a remarkable year, while LeBron James comes in at second and Usain Bolt in third.


TEAMS – Current brand value

1) Dallas Cowboys – £676million

2) New York Yankees – £519m

3) Los Angeles Lakers – £449m

4) Manchester United – £425m

5) Barcelona – £405m

6) New England Patriots – £391m

7) Real Madrid – £385m

8) New York Knicks – £381m

9) Boston Red Sox – £346m

10) Chicago Cubs – £345m

ATHLETES – Current brand value

1) Roger Federer – £28million

2) LeBron James – £25m

3) Usain Bolt – £20m

4) Cristiano Ronaldo – £16m

5) Phil Mickelson – £15m

6) Tiger Woods – £13m

7) Virat Kohli – £11m

8) Rory McIlroy – £10m

9) Lionel Messi – £10m

10) Stephen Curry – £10m

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