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Martin Luther King Jr.’s Family says They didn’t approve presentation of Award to President Buhari




The official memorial body of Martin Luther King Jr., The King Center has distanced itself from the award given to President Muhammadu Buhari.

Buhari had received Naomi Barber King, widow of MLK’s youngest brother, A.D. King, who passed in 1969.

Buhari had received the National Black Excellence and Exceptional African Leadership Award and had vowed that his administration will continue to stay true to MLK’s ideals and values.

The King Center, the official memorial to MLK, has distanced itself from the award.

Writing on its Twitter, the organisation said the award was not given by or at the request of The King Center, or by the children of MLK.

The award given to President Buhari of Nigeria was not given by The King Center, at the request of The King Center or by the children of #MLK and #CorettaScottKing.
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