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Mavin Reocrd’s Di’Ja Releases A Comic Series With A Female Superhero “Amana”



Marvel’s Black Panther was a critical and commercial hit upon arrival, owing largely to the fact that it was so relatable to black people around the world, particularly Africans. Since then, there’s has been a massive increase in the creation of similar stories.

A few days ago, Mavin Records singer Di’Ja added to this craze, as she announced that she’s ventured into the superhero world, by creating a female superhero for namesake comic, Amana.

Di’ja excitedly announced her latest venture on Instagram, alongside 10 pages of the actual comic, saying:

“Here is Amana a mirror of my love for animation and story telling and of course superheros. Africa is a gem not fully discovered and I’m going to do just that.”

From the 10 pages released, it’s apparent that the comic’s hero, Amana is leading a double life, and frequently alternates between her two very different worlds. On the closing page, the story is left on a cliffhanger, as it touches on some civil unrest in the fictional city of LasGidi.

Until the release of the next installment, check out the first 10 pages right here:

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