Mayowa Dosu is a Lagos born actress with dual-degree holder who is no naivete in terms of excellence. Having studied Mass Communication at the Moshood Abiola Polytechnic in 2008, she proceeded to Imo State University, Owerri to study Public Administration in 2012.

The delectable actress started making movies as far back as 2005 when she started in ‘Fears’, has to her credit movies like ‘Mamami’, ‘Mojere’, ‘Compromise’, ‘Pawon Strippers’, ‘Lastlaugh’, ‘Valentino’.

The US based Nollywood actress Mayowa Dosu is gradually becoming a force in the new Nollywood filmmakers with past production exploits like ‘Get A Girlfriend’ and ‘Insane’.

She’s also set to take over our screen with her latest production titled “Dessy Oosha”. Her latest production titled “Dessy Oosha” tells the story of a young girl from the street who has a good heart nevertheless. While she is sent abroad to take the street out of her nothing changes as she remains who she is at her core.

It is safe to Mayowa Dosu understands her audience and gives them exactly what they want.