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Meet Akoh Isaiah Akoh, Founder And Head Of Content Of Jukebox Music



Akoh Isaiah Akoh is Media Specialist, Social Media PR, A communication strategist and blogger, a graduate of Pure and Applied Mathematics at the University of Minna. Founder of Jukebox Music, a reputable music blog in Nigeria, started in 2013, following his love for computers and music.

Akoh Isaiah Akoh

An astute media strategist, consulting and handling numerous PR briefs for top music labels and artistes In Nigeria. He is a pacesetter set on redefining the face of music blogging in Nigeria.

In his recent interview with CEO Exclusiveclue, Abayomi Adekunle (Lexzai, #ThatTallPR), Akoh Isaiah Akoh widely known as Man Like Akoh explains how his PR business and Blog has been and few among the artists/record label he has worked with. The interview goes thus:

Lexzai: Thanks for taking some of your time to talk, Mr. Akoh. How did you get into music business and media strategist, and how do you run your music blog?

Akoh: Yeah, I got into music blogging in 2011 originally because of my love for African music and want it to be steadily available for fans. That’s what prompted my blogging career

Lexzai: You’ve been in this business for 6 years now, and when you started, a lot of your work as a publicist was getting much recognition from artists and labels. How else has PR changed over the years?

Akoh: PR has changed in Nigeria over the last few years because artistes have now discovered the art of monetizing their songs and also wanting to get royalties because they now know you can’t be an A-List artiste forever

Lexzai: As a PR/Blogger/Media Strategist what are the essential materials that clients/artists should come to you with? I mean what are the materials that make it easiest for you to do your job as a PR?

Akoh: Not that much, the artwork/cover art, song of the artist (if the artist’s aim is for people to download) and press release.

Lexzai: You being a social media enthusiast, I’ve seen you being dragged on social media by a few ladies, how do you feel when dragged on social media especially Twitter

Akoh: Yeah, not everybody can agree to your opinions and besides females can’t handle rejection.

Lexzai: Is your reaction or reply to them, the same way you would react when you meet them personally?

Akoh: Yeah, obviously I don’t hide how I feel

Lexzai: Having worked with a lot of artists and record labels, which artist or record label would you say you had the best experience with and bad too

Akoh: I don’t have bad experience with artistes though, but artistes can be stubborn. Don Jazzy and Mavins is one of the best people to work with, no lies

Akoh: Reekado banks, Tipsy, Olamide, AJAY, Moelogo, Buju, El Manny and lots more. And talking about record labels, Don Jazzy and Mavins is one of the best people to work with, no lies

Lexzai: What personality traits or behaviors are shared by your clients who have become successful?

Akoh: Being a good listener and open to corrections every time

Lexzai: With the experience you’ve had in this PR business, what’s easiest for you to push: a single, EP or a full-length album?

Akoh: A single is easier to push

Lexzai: Can you tell me the story behind your music blog, Jukebox Music?

Akoh: Yeah, It was in my second year in 200Level in University. I and a friend Kelvin Pev (DJ cuppy’s PA) Sat and were talking about having aa music blog and then, we came up with the name JUKEBOX because Jukebox is a traditional music player and that’s how it happened

Lexzai: Most blogs diversify after their main mission isn’t accomplished. What would you say your mission statement for the blog is and how have you been able to stick to the mission of your blog?

Akoh: Yeah, it’s just knowing what you are standing for and sticking to it.

Lexzai: You have a big following on Social Media, how did you build it up?

Akoh: I just keep being active and having good content

Lexzai: How do artists and labels normally reach out to you?

Akoh: Via email or MOSTLY referrals

Lexzai: If people want to follow you on social media, what are your handles?

Akoh: Instagram: @Akoh_

Twitter: @ManlikeAkoh

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