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Meet the Cast Of Nigerian Webseries “You and Me”




You and Me Series a youtube series brought to your view few weeks ago is becoming interesting with new plots and twist to the story. This is what you need to know about each cast role.


Bobby is a gifted and free-spirited tech guy who is cut between the web of disappointing love life and a wrecking future chase. He is surrounded by a new girlfriend who is not done with her former love life, a tormenting ex-girlfriend and a friend who is ludicrous and also a womanizer.


Jessica is a sweet-hearted event planning lady who is unfortunate to date a stone-hearted player (Femi), who continued to take her sweet nature for a fool. She is locked within setting free from the shackles of old love for the new.


Femi is a compulsive womanizer and the epitome of everything wrong with modern man. He is the bone in the heart of Jessica

Click this to view the series on the youtube channel


Cynthia is Femi’s girlfriend, but beyond she is desperate about pushing Femi into marrying her. A tough journey for her to convince a womanizer.


Jide is a friend who stays temporarily with Bobby. He is jovial but also the type of guy a friend would want to strangle.


Moyin is not just a roommate to Jessica but a friend in need and indeed. She is the brain behind Jessica’s non-exploding flaws.


Kendra is Jide’s “mumu button” who is never satisfied with anything. She is always frustrated about Jide’s unsatisfying sex life and career life.


Lillian is the daughter of a successful businessman who owns a tech company. Lillian has a child who everyone believes belongs to Bobby.

Click this to view the series on the youtube channel

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