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Meet the students who Have auctioned their virginity on The Internet



A company, identified as Cinderella Escorts is helping young girls auction their virginity so they can be able to pay their college fees.

The company became popular in 2016 when they auctioned a virgin Alexandra Khefren, 18 for $2.7M to one businessman from Hong Kong

The company says they run medical tests on all the girls to verify that they are indeed virgins – with the money made from the auction of the girls’ virginity, the company gives the girls bump student loans to see them through college.

Cinderella Escorts also offers services for those who are looking for mistresses, escorts and more.

For most of these girls who are selling their virginity, they feel, it’s better to give it out to someone and make money than to give it to some boyfriend who in the end would not even marry them.

The ages of these girls range from 18-30 and some of them have high bids. Some of them are selling their virginity from $20,000- $2.7 million.

The highest bidder wins!…Lol!

Julia’s bid at $232,000

Isabella’s current bid is at $58,214

Florentina’s bid is currently at $23,000

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