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Michael B. Jordan Already In Talks To Return For ‘Black Panther 2’ ?



One of the many reasons we adore Marvel’s acclaimed hit, Black Panther, is because of its incredibly nuanced villain, Erik Killmonger (played with Oscar-worthy skill by Michael B. Jordan). That’s why we were so hurt to see him get killed off at the end of the movie.

Well, it seems Ryan Coogler might be regretting that decision as well. According to reports, Jordan is currently being considered to reprise his role as Killmonger in the upcoming sequel – which isn’t so far-fetched considering his character was resurrected in the comics.

Metro UK, which reported the news of Jordan’s possible return, also stated that Ryan Coogler is in informal talks with the supremely talented Donald Glover (Atlanta, Solo: A Star Wars Story) for a possible role in the sequel as well.

Although Donald Glover already plays a character in the MCU — he had a brief but memorable role as Aaron Davis/The Prowler in Spider-man: Homecoming — it wouldn’t be the first time an actor has played more than one Marvel character.

According to their source:

“Ryan Coogler is currently mapping out Black Panther’s sequel and has written in a number of new characters that movie-goers will be introduced to when it premieres. ‘

One of those characters, if he gets his wish, will be played by Childish Gambino. Nothing is set in stone but informal talks [are happening].”

Speaking about Jordan’s potential return, the source continued:

“They’re still yet to decide if Michael B. Jordan will return in some capacity, but if he doesn’t it’s likely Gambino may play some kind of villain.”

Although we can totally see how resurrecting Killmonger could diminish the dramatic impact of the first movie, it’s a price we are willing to pay. Jordan was simply too good as Killmonger to never appear in the MCU again.

As for the possibility of Glover starring in the sequel, we are all here for it. There’s nothing the actor hasn’t made better by simply being a part of. Whatever buttons need to be pushed to get him on board — either reprising his role as The Prowler or someone new — we hope they are all being hit.

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