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Migos And Joe Budden Confront Each Other At 2017 BET Awards




The 2017 BET Awards went off without a hitch. Kendrick Lamar won Best Male Hip-Hop Artist, Chance the Rapper took home Best New Artist (despite, you know, being around for 4 years), and Remy Ma solidified her post-prison resurgence with a Best Female Hip-Hop Artist victory over her nemesis,  Nicki Minaj.

It was, all things considered, a drama-free evening. Except for the pre-show.

During an interview with Complex’sEveryday Struggle, things got heated between the hip-hop group Migos and the show’s panel, who seemed to be trying to needle the Georgia trio

I feel like this is like a running joke, with you being left off ‘Bad and Boujee,’” fired off one of the hosts to Takeoff, who does not feature on the No. 1 hit.

“You said I’m left off ‘Bad and Boujee?’ Does it look like I’m left off ‘Bad and Boujee?’” he shot back, flaunting his diamond chains.

The tension was palpable. Cue Joe Budden, one of the members of theEveryday Struggle crew—and a complete and utter drama queen—who muttered dismissively, “Alright, we gotta wrap this up though.”

“Well, wrap it up then,” replied Migos.

Then Budden, a rapper turned reality star, proceeded to storm off the set in frustration, dropping his mic in an act of defiance and disrespect.

The Migos did not take kindly to Budden’s effrontery, dropping their mics in unison and stepping to the boisterous Harlem MC.

A brief altercation ensued between members of Migos’ entourage and Budden’s, before it was broken up by security.   Some advice to Joe Budden: if you’re gonna start shit with a rapper, Offset probably isn’t the best choice

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