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Miyetti Allah Ordered Police to arrest Erring Herdsmen



In Ondo state, MACBAN – the Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria; has asked the Ondo Police Command to seize and prosecute any member found grazing around the Airport in Akure.

The management of the airport reported that the straying of cows on the tarmac had hindered the landing of aircraft, in turn, putting the lives of passengers at risk.

Alhaji Bello Garba, the MACBAN chairman, in Akure, while speaking with journalists on Wednesday, rebuked herders who are involved in the kidnapping and other criminal activities along the highway of Ore-Benin- Lagos.

Garba, in an attempt to vindicate his members in Ondo, said that the herders have been warned severally to stay clear from the airport without success.

The Police has been given permission to arrest and prosecute anyone caught in the airport premises still grazing. He said they have been told to desist from going there but they have refused to listen.

He added that as we are all law-abiding citizens and can’t take this, henceforth, anyone caught should be punished by the law.

He further said that most of the criminal herdsmen carry out these acts are from the neighboring states of Edo, Ogun and other states to carry out the operation in Ondo most especially along the Ore- Lagos road.

He confirmed that the association was working hand in hand with security agencies within the state to capture criminals.

In the state, MACBAN had said that the alleged report of herdsmen forming a vigilante group in the state is false.

Garuba added that all his group activities were known to the police and that his group had not formed any vigilante group.

He assured that there has never been a time his group came together, forming any vigilante group, as the group does nothing without carrying

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