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Mozambique, Others Get $545m World Bank Support After Been affected by Cyclone Idai.



545 million U.S. dollars has been donated by World Bank (WB), on Friday to support people in Mozambique, Malawi, and Zimbabwe that have been affected by Cyclone Idai.

The donation is in addition to nearly 150 million dollars in resources that the WB recently availed to the three countries

In a statement that was issued by the Bank, it said; “The World Bank is activating the International Development Association (IDA) Crisis Response Window (CRW) to provide up to 545 million dollars in total for the three affected countries.

“Together, total World Bank support to the three countries’ recovery reaches around 700 million dollars.

“The World Bank is also working with Mozambique and Comoros to assess and respond to the newest development Cyclone Kenneth.”

Mozambique is the country hardest hit by the cyclone.

According to reports by Xinhua, the country will receive 350 million dollars in CRW financing to re-establish water supply, rebuild damaged public infrastructure and crops, and support disease prevention, food security, social protection, and early warning systems in the impacted communities.

In Malawi, the CRW will provide 120 million dollars to restore agricultural livelihoods reconstruct priority infrastructure and support disease surveillance.

In addition, the World Bank intends to provide an exceptional allocation of up to 75 million dollars to support the people of Zimbabwe also affected by Cyclone Idai, the WB said.

Cyclone Idai killed over a thousand people and destroyed vast infrastructure in the three countries.

While still smarting from the devastating effects of Cyclone Idai, Mozambique was again hit by Cyclone Kenneth earlier which has killed at least 38 people and further inflicted damage on public infrastructure.

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