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MTV Shuga Season 6 – Episode Two



In the new episode, Hadiza overhears Diana and her friends talking about how it’s impossible to get pregnant your first time having sex or while standing.

She tries to correct the misconception but is bullied into keeping quiet as Diana tells her that she is too ugly and doesn’t even have men asking her out.

Leila pays a visit to Tobi after he tells her that he is shooting a music video which features Faa. Leila is still struggling to understand what  Tobi sees in Faa and why he is still friends with her.

During the shoot, Faa calls her neighbour Martins, who seems to be spending a lot of time with her younger sister. After Martins tells her that her sister is in his apartment, she gets worried and excuses herself from the shoot to get her sister out of his house.

She advises her sister never to allow any man touch her in exchange for gifts.

While hanging out in a club, Tobi tells Leila that it’s time for them to take things a notch higher. She tells him that she can’t send him her nudes as she has heard stories of people’s nudes making it online after a breakup.

Following their conversation, Tobi ignores Leila, who then feels pressured to send her nude photos to him.

Set in Nigeria, the new season which focuses primarily on family planning, contraception, HIV prevention and sexual health education, friendships are tested, relationships reach risky heights, and secrets threaten to break family ties.

The show returns for a new season with  recurring cast members Timini Egbuson as Tobi, Jemima Osunde as Leila, Sharon Ezeamaka as Princess and Olumide Oworu as Weki.


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