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My husband was killed in an assassination, I was poisoned and I went to prison twice – Naja’atu



Naja’atu Bala-Mohammed, a former director of civil society for the APC Presidential Council, claimed that she had been poisoned, that her husband had been murdered, and that she had served two prison terms.

On the AIT program, Naja’atu revealed this while discussing the reason for her resignation from the APC presidential campaign council.

When Naja’atu asked Asiwaju what he had in mind for her people in the north, Asiwaju allegedly responded that he had no plan for any of their problems in the north. Naja’atu claims that her decision to leave the APC presidential campaign council was not made for personal gain.

Additionally, she stated that it was difficult for her to meet with northern APC elders so they could present an agenda for the north.

So he is to himself in APC, like. What am I given? In my entire life, I have never taken care of myself. Being a businesswoman, I don’t become involved in politics for its own purpose or to further my own interests. My husband was murdered because of his beliefs, and I was poisoned. I spent seven months in Germany to rethink my calling. I was born into a political family; my father was a politician. I was sent to prison twice as a result of what I thought I told myself: “I can’t squander my time here in (APC)”.

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