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Nadine Ijewere Becomes The First Black Woman Ever To Shoot A Vogue Cover



Last September, Tyler Mitchell made history as the first black photographer to shoot a Vogue cover, marking a defining moment for diversity in the fashion industry.

Well, there are now more wins to celebrate, as Nigerian-Jamaican photographer, Nadine Ijewere, whose work champions diversity and aims to celebrate different kinds of beauty, has now become the first black woman ever to shoot a Vogue cover.

Most known for her polarising Stella McCartney editorial, it seems Ijewere is now delving even deeper into the fashion world, as she recently photographed Rihanna for the cover of Allure. For British Vogue, she shot global pop star, Dua Lipa for the magazine’s first issue of 2019.

Announcing this on Instagram, Ijewere said:

“If you had told me last year I would have photographed for British Vogue, I would have said not possible.

If you had told me a cover, I would have thought perhaps in a parallel universe. I am so grateful for this opportunity I have been given to shoot for a publication where I once felt perhaps I didn’t.”

It’s crazy that we’re still celebrating firsts for black women in 2018, however, it doesn’t take away from how much of a win this is. We’re very glad to be experiencing this paradigm shift, and we are definitely looking forward to more wins like this.

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