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NASFAT chief asks Boko Haram to show ‘love and compassion’ to abducted Katsina schoolboys



The chief missioner of an Islamic body known as Nasru-Lahi-l-Fatih Society (NASFAT), Abdul-Azeez Onike, has called on the abductors of students of Government Science Secondary School, Kankara in Katsina State, to have mercy on the students.

Mr. Onike, in a statement on Wednesday, also urged all parents to share in the pains of those whose children were still in the custody of their abductors.

According to him, whoever knows the kind of attachment between a child and his/her parent would appreciate what is going through the minds of the affected parents now.

Mr. Onike said, “My appeal to the abductors is to become the one from whom compassion and love flourish, and not the one who is enemy and tormentor of mankind.”

The chief missioner, quoting scriptures, said: “Islam abhors aggression in whatever form and forbids banishing people from their homes unjustly.

“Such acts have punishments prescribed for them under Islamic laws.

“Allah Almighty says, ‘After this it is ye, the same people, who slay among yourselves, and banish a party of you from their homes; assist (Their enemies) against them, in guilt and rancor [Quran 2: 85].”

He said that more condemnable was the fact that this inhuman act was meted to the innocent and defenceless school children.

Quoting Hadiths, Mr. Onike said: “The Gracious God will have mercy on those who are merciful. Have mercy on those who are on earth, Allah in heavens will have mercy on you.

“He is not of us who does not have mercy on young children and does not recognise honour of the elderly.”

Also, president of the society, Olaniyi Yusuf, called on the federal government to speed up actions toward ensuring that the school boys soon return safely to their families.

Mr. Olaniyi, however, prayed for the quick return of all other kidnapped Nigerians and also for a secured, united, just, peaceful and prosperous country.

Following Friday night’s attack at the Kankara school by gunmen, at least 334 students of the boarding school have been declared missing by the state government. Other media reports suggest the number could be as high as 500. Abubakar Shekau’s faction of Boko Haram claimed responsibility for the attack.

Government says it is in contact with the abductors while military sources claim they have located the spot where the children were being held.

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