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NBA should name, shame firms paying lawyers peanuts – Akpata



A former Chairman of the Nigerian Bar Association Section on Business Law, Mr Olumide Akpata, has suggested that in order to address the problem of poor remuneration of lawyers, the NBA should name and shame law firms and other employers for lawyers, who pay them peanuts.

He also advocated that any senior lawyer, whose firm does not pay lawyers well, should not be deemed qualified to be elected as the President of the NBA.

Akpata, who is in the NBA presidential race this year, said this during a virtual parley with corporate counsel organised by Kaizen Academy and moderated by the Company Secretary/Legal Adviser of Berger Paints Nigeria Plc, Mr Ayokunle Ayoko.

Asked how he intended to achieve his campaign promise of ensuring that lawyers, especially the young ones, were well paid, Akpata said he admitted that though employment was an issue of contract, the NBA could exert its weight to ensure that lawyers were reasonably remunerated.

He said, “It’s going to be a name-and-shame kind of thing to create a situation whereby those who don’t oblige or comply will be very uncomfortable.

‘‘Anybody who says he wants to become the president of the Bar; first and foremost, there should be an opportunity to interrogate that person, to say, ‘how do you treat your workers?’ what do you pay? Because you can’t be president of the Bar if you are paying a pittance to your lawyers.”

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