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NBC Suspends Licence Of Ahmad Isah’s Human Rights Radio After He Was Filmed Slapping Another Person




National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) has suspended the licence of Human Rights Radio station for “recurring unprofessional conduct” after the host, Ahmed Isah, was filmed slapping someone again.

It would be recalled that the activist, popularly known as Ordinary President, made headlines few weeks ago after a a BBC Africa Eye documentary exposed him for misconduct.



In a video by the media outlet, the host of Brekete Family show host was seen slapping a lady who was accused of setting her brother’s daughter on fire over allegation of being a witch, sparking mixed reactions on and off social media.

Watch the video of the incident below;





Following the criticism that trailed the video, Isah subsequently apologised, saying his action was triggered by zeal and passion.


Although Ordinary President apologised for his action, he was summoned by the police and NBC to explain the circumstances behind the incident.

Another video dated back to October 19, 2020, which went viral on Wednesday also showed Isah assaulting a young man whom he accused of writing down some names without his permission.


Ordinary President, who was visibly angry, was seen interrogating the man who claimed he was collating the names of people for the Corporate Affairs Commission’s registration.

The broadcaster, in the midst of the interrogation, paused and hit the young man in the face with his right palm.

The assaulted young man was the one who apologised, saying he was sorry for what he had done.

In a statement on Thursday, NBC said it met with the Berekete Family show host on May 26, and “has reviewed the events and notes unreserved apologies and regrets expressed by the broadcaster”.

The commission said the action was in clear violation of the broadcasting code and a betrayal of confidence placed on him by the people and the federal government.

While recognising that the radio station has tuned its programming to the yearnings of the people, NBC noted that the station has been repeatedly warned and fined over abuse of ethics over the years.

It, therefore, ordered the suspension of the station’s licence for 30 days, effective from May 31.

NBC in its statement stated;

It is important to state that the commission has, over the years, advised, cautioned, warned, and fined the station over repeated cases of outright abuse, denigrating remarks, intimidation, and flagrant abuse of ethics of the fairness, balance, fair hearing on the station.

It is also on record that the commission had conducted several training and retraining programmes for the station and the host of the Brekete Family programme especially.

The commission has therefore in line with the sanction provisions in 15.5.2 of the broadcasting code, ordered the suspension of licence of the broadcaster, until the broadcaster commits to ethical and professional broadcasting. The suspension order is effective from Monday the 31st of May 2021, at 12am.

The order shall last 30 days during which it is expected that the broadcaster will put its house in order and attune itself to responsive, professional, and responsible broadcasting.

It shall also pay a recommencement fee of as provided for in section 15.5.1 of the broadcasting code at the end of the suspension period.

Watch the second video of him slapping a man below;







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