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Who We Are:

Real Igbo Ambassadors (RIA) is a pro- Igbo group.

Our Objective
*The fundamental objective is to carefully inform  and intellectually direct the Igbo populace, particularly the youth, on the need to achieve positive  goals by the most peaceful, productive and civilized methods.Through creative and entrepreneurial thinking,the Igbo man can become more resourceful by getting back to work and getting rid of the national cake mentality which have jinxed our nation and rendered  the average Nigerian mentally lazy.
The Igbo man suddenly lost his enviable position as the ultimate survivor to becoming the ultimate lamenters.And in doing so we have through some  unconsciously displays of reckless expressions incited negative views about us.We can’t allow fellow Nigerians to begin to see us as people with ulterior motive and lack of respect for others.
In this regard it becomes necessary that we can no longer watch while the image of the Igbos is being misrepresented.
We advocate a Non-Violent approach to issues particularly when it has to do with our national interest.
However we advocate for fair play and equity.

The Issue
While some pro- Igbo groups have in the past lamented and agitated for a fair and just treatment of the Igbo people, a lot of controversies have trailed some of the methods adopted by some in the efforts to fight against the real and or perceived injustices and persecution of the Igbo in the hands of Nigeria.
It is a fact that since the end of Biafra Civil War, the Igbo people  have been marginalized in the leadership-political structure of Nigeria. It is also clear that at the slightest provocation, Igbos  are the first to be attacked and killed – with their properties destroyed. The victims and survivors are left with a deep  sense of rejection and abandonment as nothing is ever done by the authorities to indicate any form or degree of justice in their favour.
Recently, the experience of Fulani herds men trampling and destroying our farm lands, killing  our people and raping our women is quite terrifying and unbearable.
It’s even more provoking when you realize that none of the perpetrators had ever been brought to book. We have suffered and endured, yet nothing appears to be changing except our will to survive.

The Uniqueness of The Igbo People is their ability to adapt, survive and enterprise even in terrible conditions.
Yes the Igbos are enterprising and it’s quite commendable. Little wonder how the Igbos  came from the horrible experience of the civil war and attaining the position in the socio-economic position of Nigeria and Africa as one of the most successful.
But whenever we celebrate our success take credit for our enterprising prowess, we should also put into consideration other people who are part of our success story: the Nigerian people. Yes, I am talking about the vast population of the Nigerian people. We must understand that it is the power of the large population of Nigerian people that helped to rebuild us from £20.(Trader customer relationship).At least on that note lets say “thank you Nigerians”
Some might ask, where are we anyway? But I can confidently tell you that the Igbo people are not doing as badly as we think.

So when we get angry about what one or a few Hausa/Fulani man have done to us, we must also understand that we have benefited and even more to benefit,with so much already at stake economically and otherwise in terms of investment and returns: Our brothers who lives in the North can easily confirm this.
We want us to remember that in spite of our ethnic and religious  differences, there are some Mallam Usman or Alhaji Ibrahim  somewhere in the East, who is already an integral part of the Igbo community- and makes positive contributions in their own ways to the activities and development  of the community. They function as leaders and help in controlling and monitoring the activities of their kinsmen who are equally law abiding citizens and are equally contributive to the activities and development of the  concommunities they live.
There are also some Chief Okafor or Nzeh Chinyelugo who are Ezendigbos in various Hausa communities or cities where other illustrious Igbo people have lived for decades and are doing well for themselves and others in general. We must understand that it is peace, mutual understanding and tolerance that built and grew all these from little to this much. And it will be most atrocious if we move in the direction that will lead to all these human relationships and endeavors go up in smoke. As we speak on behalf of the new generation of Igbos who do not believe in violence, we strongly condemn any form of action or message that could suggest or instigate any kind of violence. We say a Capital NO to hate speech, incitement or violence of any kind by or against any human.

We reject any form of violence from any tribe,group or sect in Nigeria .We oppose any form of agitation that could lead us in the direction of another war as the consequences of war by far outweighs the benefits – whether as victor or vanquished.
We demand that every Nigerian should try to always speak with one voice; and when necessary take the required action against any  form of injustice.
We reject any kind of activity capable of inciting hate or discrimination amongst the people of Nigeria.
We earnestly call for the restructuring of Nigeria and believe strongly that such exercise will be conducted on the basis of absolute fairness, equity and justice.
We strongly condemn the “Quit Notice” given to the Igbos by the Arewa youths. We therefore implore the Arewa youths to withdraw and desist from making such statement as such action is capable of blowing issues out of proportion,because one wrong can not be corrected with another.
We hereby call on our brothers and sisters to thread softly. Yes, we understand your grievances, nevertheless we plead with you to see good reasons why we must give Nigeria this chance. We must all brainstorm and channel our agitation towards the restructuring of Nigeria and believing that the outcome will ease our grievances.
We wish to use this opportunity to thank all pro Igbo groups who in their different capacities have brought the cry of the Igbo people to a different level of attention. We urge you to remain focused in your struggle for equity and justice, not only for the Igbos but for Nigerians   in general.
We must understand that the world is watching and taking inventory of activities of all sides.
We must not be seen as an obstacle to the growth and development of Nigeria.

But if eventually the will of God decides  that we should go our separate ways, it must be proved beyond every reasonable doubt that it could not work.Then it would not warrant the spilling of any man’s blood,for its only when man ignores Gods time and position that we begin to shed blood.
We must not be the ones to set the nation ablaze otherwise the world will hold us responsible and make us pay for such mistakes by turning against us with full force.
We must parade and present our grievances in the most civilized and patroitic manner because we can not do it all on our own. We need more friends not more enemies. And for us to make friends we must present ourselves friendly. Above all, we need God.And his greatest demand from Mankind is love.
With love we can co-existIt with empathy. Its only with love that we can judge more objectively.

We shall  end with a verse from a popular musician, the late Lucky Dube:
”I AM NOT SAYING THIS BECAUSE I’M A COWARD, BUT I AM THINKING ABOUT THE LIVES WE LOSE EVERY TIME WE FIGHT WARS. And when we critically analyze it, the big question must be staring at us: Does it worth it? Yes…DOES IT WORTH IT? Because after all said and done, the sting of reality will be inevitable and inescapable. THINK. GREAT IGBO PEOPLE……. THINK!


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