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Nigerian-American rapper, Wale Opens Talks About Love In A Nigerian Home On ‘Red Table Talk’



Nigerian-American rapper, Wale is the latest personality on the Red Table Talk hosted by Jada Pinkett Smith, her mother Adrienne Banfield-Norris and her daughter, Willow Smith for the purpose of having open conversations to the address social and cultural issues we all face.


In this episode, ‘What Men Really Think About Love’ Wale talked about finding the right woman and also spoke about the effect of the relationship of African parents on their kids using himself as a case study. According to the rapper, the kind of love expressed by his parents which he saw growing up as an African child was very different from the things he watched as a child and as confusing as that was, he knew the parents love each other, but not just as portrayed.

A one minute clip of the video posted on Twitter by Wale shows the rapper asking American actor Justine Baldoni, but eventually answering himself;

“When in your life did you start to realize that your parents’ marriage has an effect on you as a man? Because me, I’m Nigerian, both my parents are Nigerian and I grow up very very Nigerian and my mother was always gone and my father was always driving cabs so a lot of it comes from TV, hyper difference… you can watch Martin and try to understand what a relationship is like when  you get older and then you go home and you don’t see your parents even hug, nothing… it’s like a business almost. Any Nigerian person watching this right now understands that we love our parents to death… ou mother… our father… we don’t know the dynamics between both of them. This dynamic, three generations at one table, no way is it going to happen in a Nigerian household.”

Wale also spoke about his relationship status and the kind of woman he would like to settle down with, which according to him, he doesn’t know the full details yet of the kind of woman he wants, but he’ll appreciate a woman that’ll also expose him to some of the things he needs.

“I want a woman to show me what I want in a woman. Women, I believe, their intuition is stronger than men’s, period,” Wale said before being interrupted by the ladies and Willow asks; “So you want a woman to be the unlocker of your soul?”

“Y’all didn’t let me finish,” the Nigerian-American rapper and said rhythmically before adding, “Be my friend, for real. Loyalty is very important and understanding because I am not a regular man, for better or worse. My bad is bad, (but) my good is amazing.”. Y’all heard it from Wale, although the bad is there, but the good is amazing and worth giving a shot, so ladies, slide in when you can!

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