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Nigerian Doctors Seek Law Regulating Skin Bleaching



Nigerian Association of Dermatologists had begun the process of meeting with some lawmakers to formulate laws that will guide against manufacturing and use of bleaching creams in Nigeria.

Nigerian Doctors Seek Law Regulating Skin Bleaching

Nigerian Doctors Seek Law Regulating Skin Bleaching

He stated that the number of people using bleaching creams unnecessarily is becoming too high.

He said that made the skin susceptible to infection.

He ended by asking Nigerians to stop self-medicating, but seek the help of a dermatologist whenever they have skin challenges as lateness in reporting skin conditions could lead to irreparable damage, punch reports.

Dr. Mohammed Danmallam said:

What we are trying to do now is to try to talk to the health committees so that we can see how they can help us in formulating laws and one of the ways to do that is that we are currently conducting an investigation in collaboration with some African countries.

We are trying to come out with statistics and facts so that when we sit down with these legislators, we will be able to give them facts that can convince them and so we can move ahead. You will be surprised by the level and number of people and highly placed people that are currently bleaching unnecessarily.

Some countries had been able to ban hydroquinone, which is used in the production of bleaching cream. In the United States, the use of hydroquinone was heavily regulated but in Nigeria, bleaching agents were abused due to weak regulation of prescription medicine.

Countries of the world have banned a lot of substances for example, hydroquinone which is the most abused chemical component used in bleaching the skin. It is banned in Europe.

About two per cent of its use was the limit but now it has been banned completely. It is still allowed in the United States but only based on prescription. Unfortunately, we live in a country where everything is prescription-free.

As dermatologists, there are conditions we treat. We treat blemishes but we know the dosage, the side effects and when to stop but in our environment, people go out of their way to use it in a manner that is not seen anywhere in the world.”

When people bleach, they kill off matured cells and leave baby cells at the top layer of the skin which are not strong enough to protect the body from infection especially skin cancer.

Imagine leaving your house in the hands of your five-year-old child. Of course, you know there will be chaos. So, this is particularly what happens and this corrosive agent changes the architecture of your skin completely. That is exactly what happens and that is where the problem starts and at some point, it becomes irreversible and the defense mechanism of the skin has becomes useless.

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