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Nigerian man reportedly kills wife, commits suicide in Lekki



A Nigerian man who resides in Lekki has reportedly committed suicide moments after he murdered his wife.

Gathered that the Nigerian man is simply identified as Femi.
According to residents, the couple moved into the estate three weeks ago with their two young children. Not much was known about the couple but just a day before the murder-suicide; they were spotted jogging together on Saturday night, June 20.

However, on Sunday, the man who is said to have always questioned the paternity of their second child; stabbed his wife to death, and then took his own life.

A neighbour who spoke on condition of anonymity to a correspondent said;

“On Sunday afternoon, neighbours close to the couple’s apartment heard loud music emanating from their home and this lasted for many hours.

”The neighbours went to the estate office to complain about the loud music and insisted the estate officials go there and caution the couple.

”The estate authorities went to the couple’s compound to appeal to them to turn down the volume of the music coming from their apartment.

”They, however, met with the wife’s sister who was downstairs with the couple’s children. The sister immediately went upstairs so she can inform her sister and the husband about the complaint laid by the estate authorities. She knocked several times but got no response.

”After waiting for so long, the sister and the estate officials decided to pull the door down. They were greeted by a horrific sight.

”Apparently, the man had killed his wife. It is believed it was pre-meditated because when they got into the room, they saw different kinds of knives there. The woman’s legs and hands were bound and her mouth shut with cello tape.

”The husband used a clipper to shave her hair, stabbed her head, her eyes, stabbed her multiple times with different knives.

”The scene was nothing short of a horror movie.

”After stabbing his wife to death, the man committed suicide by drinking Sniper.”

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