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Nigerian Premium Streetwear Brand ANMVLS Launches “Jungle” Designs



Nigerian Streetwear Brand ANMVLS Launches “Jungle” Designs

Championing the Fashion scene in the capital of Nigeria Abuja, the Brand ANMVLS is one of the most loved and worn Nigerian streetwear brand in the part of the country.

In words of the CEO Theophilus Adagadzu

“As we came to the end of the year, we unveiled a two-color T-shirt with an original design that was influenced by the recently finished two-day outdoor collaboration pop-up event with African Dream Community, a renowned outdoor event business.
The “JUNGLE” t-shirt design, which depicts troops in a jungle environment wearing the iconic ANMVLS Logo Balaclava, conveys the idea of perseverance in the face of adversity.”

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