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Niyola Talks to Kiki Mordi About New Music After 3 Years Break



Nigerian singer and former EME signee, Niyola is set to release new music this Friday, ending her 3-year break from actively putting out music. The singer made the revelation in an interview with Emmy-nominated journalist, Kiki Mordi.

In the interview, Niyola revealed that her absence was fueled by loss. She lost her mom and dad in a space of two years and then her close friend. We will be more than happy to have you give the interview a look with your platform even as we look forward to your support for the music release this Friday.

Not many Nigerian singers have the sheer range of Niyola’s voice. Neither do they have her calming persona. But it’s been three years since the singer stepped away from the headless rush of the music industry to live life away from the eyes of the public.

In the time since then, she has dealt with the double tragedy of losing both parents and a close friend, as well as an expired contract with E.M.E. The singer is however, set to make her return to the music space with “Olumoranti,” a song of hurt and moving on. Talking with Emmy-nominated journalist, Kiki Mordi, Niyola lets listeners into her life with the backstory of her journey from the shattering death of her friend till now.


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