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Nursery School Teacher Brags About How She Wears Mini Skirt And Stockings To Tempt Single Dads



A young lady who claims to be a nursery teacher has bragged about how she leaves single dads going wild when she wears a mini skirt and lace stockings.

Chloe, who takes care of young children at work, says she is intrigued when she spots a single dad at work.

“When the single dad tells me he has been single for two years,” she said in a video while pretending to be talking to a man off camera.

She then goes on to say, “my brain goes: I can lick it, I can ride it”

She added in the caption: “Too dirty minded sometimes”. Parents may not see the joke though.

In another video, Chloe dresses up in a body-hugging top and a mini skirt and a pair of black lace stockings.

She swings her hips to flaunt her curves before realising her stockings are showing then she pulls her skirt down and walks away.

“Trying to impress the single dad who comes to pick up his child … did it work?” Chloe asks fans.

See her videos below:

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