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Olubese Ebenezer Set To Change The Face Of Nollywood




Nigerian Actor, Olubese Ebenezer bares all in an exclusive interview.

Good day sir, can we meet you?

Good Day to you also and a happy new year to you. My name is Olubese Ebenezer Blessing, I am from Ondo State, Idogun to be precise. I am from a polygamous family of many children and the first Born and first Son of the family.

Could you please share your educational background with us?

I attended Saint John primary school in Igbemo Ekiti and Anglican High school in Ado Ekiti for my secondary education and presently in the process of furthering my education at the Ekiti State University (EKSU) I am planning to study Theater ART.

How did your journey started as an actor?

I have had passion for entertainment since i was a kid, my dad always fight me for staying too long watching the TV, when i starting growing and making few money hustling as a fashion designer which i apprentice for 3 years before registering my personal fashion outfit, I begin to invest gradually in photo studio Equipments, buying few cameras and more, i started getting gigs and all in Ado Ekiti and later then in started investing also in musical studio equipments, you can see all this are still under the passion to be known and to stand out in the entertainment industry.
I will say thanks to God for GOD Grace fashion design and God Grace Media Limited because this really is the starting point for.

Aside from being an actor, what else do you do?

Like I said above. I still have my fashion outfit and also my media company, with what i have seen and understand in the entertainment industry, a lot of people who make it quickly also have side hustles which they bring into the industry because as it is today every aspect of life also have one or 2 things to do with entertainment.

You just produced two movies recently, can you tell us more about it and what should we be expecting from it?

Yes, my first movie is Akinkunmi Iberu starring Anta Laniyan , Ninisola daniel,Azeez Ijaduade, Niyi johnson and many more. The Movie is about Family, Revenge and quest for Political power. It’s a must watch and an extraordinary story different from the numbs. and my Second project TWIST starring Fatia Balogun , Jaye Kuti , Derby Shokoya , Muyiwa Adegoke and others. This is a story about love.

Which actors do you really dream of working with in the nearest future?

Odunlade Adekola and Funke Akindele. I really love their movies and think they are great actors.

When you faced the camera for the first time, how did you feel?

Waoo, it was a waoo moment for me, because it’s really a dream come true, i got so many supports from other cast also that i have worked with and i was really overwhelmed

What is your take on sex for role in Nollywood? Do you really think it exists?

NO. I believe everyone is mature enough to decide what they want. I think this is why we have an organization governing movies and acting in Nigeria. There are laws and rules to be followed so if there is any of such, it is being taken care of by the body.

As a public figure, do you advise men to always do DNA of their children compulsorily?

Everyone have there life to live, if you are not cheating then i see not reason for you to suspect your partner, because a cheating husband is also prone to marry a cheating wife, if the relationship is build on trust from the onset then i see no reason for DNA, this topic is taking over social media and I have the people encouraging it to blame, remember one good turn deserves another.

Who is your role model in Nollywood?


Nobody set up a business to fail, but people have been saying Nollywood isn’t profitable for now, do you believe so?

No, I believe before going into any business one has to do proper findings and also set your goals and target and with God all things are possible. If you have a mind to invest in the first place you should understand every business is a risk and with risk comes ups and down.

How soon do you plan to venture in cinema projects and have partnerships with Netflix?

Now, I mean right now I am ready and also working towards it, everything is gradual and across the world Nollywood is recognized globally so that is a big starting point for me.

What is your greatest fear in life?

Poverty and not been able to provide for my family

What is your source of inspiration in life?

Music and Giving

How do you unwind?

I love sightseeing, visiting new places, it helps me put aside my worries and it opens up my creativity to new things.

Can you ever marry a filmmaker?

The question is funny, because I see no reason why you can’t or shouldn’t marry someone doing the-same thing as you, love cuts across our daily activities, if there is true love then there is growth and understanding each other.

What is your take on the END SARS protest and the Nigerian government?

Every citizen has a right to protest in a true democratic country, it’s a good thing people found their voice and the government also yielded to their demands, either way the country moves forward.

Do you think relocating to abroad is the best solution for every youth now?

NO, the abroad i believe is for the experience, like our Yoruba’s will say, Ajo ole da bi ile, (No place like home) if we all relocate then tell me who will be the leader of tomorrow or who do we leave to take care of the home.

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