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Photo Of Yet Another Nigerian With Blue Eyes Emerges



Photographer Emily Nkanga heard about Chinyere, a little Nigerian girl with the bluest of eyes who lives with her family in Keffi. She travelled all the way to the town located in Nasarawa State just to photograph her, and it was totally worth it.

“A couple of weeks ago, @slimtmusic reached out to me and told me about Chinyere and her pretty blue eyes. I was in Lagos then but promised to make a portrait session happen for her. Today, I took a trip to Keffi to see & take portraits of her,” she wrote.


Further describing her experience photographing the little beauty, Emily wrote, “Chinyere is so cheerful, smart, & she lives a simple life with her mum & other relatives. They were all so warm and welcoming!”


Photo creditEmily Nkanga


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